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Yasmine Yu Writes About her Experience as Part of our July 2015 Volunteer Group

Taking part in Take on Nepal’s student volunteer program after the earthquake has been an experience of a lifetime. I jumped on board at the last minute with an urge to help people affected by the devastation and make a real difference to the lives of village children. The local …read more

July Volunteer Group Experience

Soon after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake on April 25 killed thousands in Nepal and brought death and destruction to much of my home village, the July volunteer group went into action. Although I lost my brother, my home, and the school and hostel we had built, it was still a …read more

[May 27th] — Latest News From Batase Village

It’s been a month since the earthquake rocked Nepal. A month filled with aftershocks, news stories of tragedies and rescues, and the beginnings of what is sure to be a long process of rebuilding. If you’ve been following the FHC charity on Facebook, you will have seen photos and stories …read more

Maia’s Volunteer Experience — November 2014

It would be impossible to describe my trip to Nepal in a single word, or a single sentence. It was an experience of a lifetime and it has opened my eyes and heart in ways I never thought possible. I was part of Take on Nepal’s November 2014 group, and …read more

Arriving at Kathmandu Airport

Your first view of Nepal will be from the airplane window as you land at Kathmandu airport, and it’s a view not to be missed. It takes in the mountains that surround the Kathmandu valley, the terraces used for farming that cover the hills, small villages and isolated farms, as …read more

Our November 2014 Volunteer Group

The November Volunteer Tour has just ended and it was a great success, due in no small part to the dedication and vibrancy of the volunteers. My early arrival allowed me to meet them at the airport, which I was thankful for. When we arrived at the hotel it was …read more

Declan’s Experiences on the July Trip, 2014 — Part 1

20/6/2014 Despite being the first day of my journey, this day shaped up to be a fascinating experience in itself. It started fairly normal after a sleepless night of tossing and turning. I finally got up around 9 am in the morning and ate breakfast, thinking of what to do …read more

Volunteers Story about Batase Village and Chitwan National Park

4/7/2014 We worked with the kids to understand different verbs and emotions so we would exaggerate like crazy to demonstrate happy (point to smile), sad(wipe away tears), angry (arms crossed). We also did jumping, walking, kicking, punching, waving and other different actions outside in the game. While we were outside …read more

Volunteer Shares Experiences With Townsville Bulletin

One of Take on Nepal’s July Volunteers, Riccardo Valenza, was so affected by his experiences in Nepal that he told his story to his local newspaper, the Townsville Bulletin. Riccardo hopes that by sharing his experiences he can raise funds to help girls from Batase village go to university. While …read more

July 2014 Nepal Tour Coming to an End

Our June / July student tour is coming to an end, with all volunteers arriving back in Kathmandu in one piece. Reports are that the volunteers had a fantastic time. We’ll be posting more about their experiences over the next few weeks, and many of the volunteers will be writing …read more

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