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Everything you need to know about the Poon Hill Trek.

Poon Hill Trek Blog Nepal, the trekker’s paradise, welcomes thousands of trekkers and climbers alike every year. If you love mountains, you’ve definitely dreamed of embarking on unparalleled adventures to the Himalayas of Nepal at least once in your lifetime. Whether you choose the popular Everest Base Camp Trek, the …read more


The must-visit place in Kathmandu Kathmandu is chaotic, but at the same time, it is magical. For those of us who are stepping into Kathmandu for the first time, it is definitely chaotic; the hustling and bustling of the city are far away from your expectations. You want to avoid …read more

What is the best trek in Nepal for families?

Trekking in Nepal with family. This is a question we’re often asked. We have 3 young children who travel to Nepal on a regular basis, we live in villages and trek the mountains with our children. We are well placed to provide advise on trekking in Nepal with children. We …read more

Traveling to Nepal with Children

Nepal with Children Based on 12 years of experience traveling to Nepal with children I can say with confidence that it is challenging and difficult but in equal measures it’s rewarding and exciting! it’s not easy but it’s worth it. A holiday to Disneyland, a resort in Fiji or to …read more

Everest Base Camp Trek with Som Tamang

EBC trek guide Though born and raised in Nepal, Take on Nepal founder Som Tamang and his family are now Australian citizens. Som received a Pride of Australia award for his achievements with the not-for-profit organisation Friends of Himalayan Children in Cairns. The charity he started carries out a lot …read more

Volunteering in Nepal

Take on Nepal. Take on hope. Take on love. Take on passion and determination. These were the unforgettable, irreplaceable and absolutely, breathtakingly beautiful 21 days of my life. During my trek to Batase Village, I asked my beautiful Nepali sister who was carrying an oversized backpack up the countless stairs …read more

Women Only Treks

8 reasons why you should join a women only group We are often asked why we have some treks for women only, we explain that most of the treks we offer are open to both men and women, we are inclusive in all that we do. We are one of …read more

How to choose the best trekking company in Nepal?

Irish born Everest Base Camp Trek leader, C0-Founder: Susan Devitt There are a huge number of companies offering treks in Nepal, finding the right people can be daunting. At Take on Nepal we believe that by taking a strong ethical approach to all that we do will result in a …read more

Volunteering Experience in Nepal

After 20 hours and getting motion sickness from turbulence heading to Nepal from Singapore, literally felt like death  but I’ve made it here safe It was such a good feeling coming off the plane to be greated by lovely faces, these kids that have picked me up from the airport …read more

Playing Soccer in the Himalayan Village

Spent the afternoon playing soccer with the lads of Batase Village on a pitch that must surely have one of the best views of any in the world. These fellas love their football, they play every day from around 3pm until it’s too dark to see the ball, fair to …read more

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