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Nepal Day Two: Fair Trade… Or not

I wake at 5:55 to the sounds of roosters crowing and people beginning their days below my bedroom window. Today is exciting as Som is coming with me to visit some local manufactures to discuss having my clothing produced here, but right now I am still sleepy and decide to …read more

Small Volunteering Companies in Nepal

We’re a small, family run business with direct ties to Batase village in Nepal and to Cairns in Australia. Take on Nepal was founded by the husband and wife team of Som and Susan in 2013, with the express intention of creating a true village experience for western visitors to …read more

Why Volunteer in Nepal?

Where you chose to work as a volunteer depends on what you’re looking for and on what you hope to achieve. In some cases language is a factor, as some volunteers prefer to work in countries where they can more easily speak to the locals. This is one of the …read more

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