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Nepal trekking and volunteering tours and experiences are offered by various companies. Take on Nepal is one of the few to be owned and operated by a Nepali born individual, Som Tamang, and his Irish life partner Susan. Som and Susan are completely committed to giving back to Nepal, ensuring each of their treks and tours makes a positive and lasting contribution to the local villages, people and places they visit. Take on Nepal was founded first and foremost to connect visitors to Nepal, with the real Nepal. Providing unique opportunities to make a real difference. This has evolved over time to include an array of trekking itineraries and volunteering opportunities. Experienced, professional and safe, Take on Nepal work hard to ensure your time in Nepal, is the very best it can be. For more information, contact Susan or Som.


“Volunteering in Batase village through Take on Nepal has been a fantastic challenge. Teaching children who are genuinely passionate to learn is such a rewarding and humbling experience, and the team were there to help sort out any problems we had. Som and the guides were also able to give a unique insight into many aspects of village life, taking us to places that very few outsiders have witnessed, including the house where Som was raised (meeting his mother and father), and a water powered corn mill tucked into the side of a valley. It’s been an experience like no other and ultimately something that I will forever remember. I fully intend on coming back!” – Ben Turner


Take on Nepal supports education, in regards to facilities, resources and opportunities, for children in remote Nepali villages. We then create pathways for training and employment, for those same children, some of whom go on to becomes guides and porters for Take on Nepal. We foster a nurturing, supportive and professional environment, providing personal and professional growth opportunities for all our team members. Beyond that, we enable volunteers to contribute to community development projects in remote villages, through our volunteering programs and placements. Take on Nepal is committed to ethical, sustainable operations, on every level, with positive outcomes for all involved.


This is not just a statement. We strive every day to make positive change to peoples lives. Our treks and tours are designed to showcase the real Nepal to visitors. To showcase not only the beauty of the Himalayas and Mount Everest, but the many other places which are off the beaten track. We connect visitors with locals, who enrich each other with shared experiences and cultural exchanges. Take on Nepal strives to succeed in all its endeavours, as we’ve seen over the past several years of operations that we do make positive change in community and also for our program / trek participants.


We’ve carefully crafted our itineraries and destinations to provide real value for money, in terms of price and experience. There’s an array of trekking tours available, catering to all levels of fitness and most budgets. Our volunteer programs are charged, to cover the costs of hosting you in community. Our prices are mostly fully inclusive of accommodation, meals, English speaking guides, national park entry fees and any other associated costs. We’re committed to supporting the economic growth and prosperity of the remote regional villages and communities we engage with.

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Volunteering in Nepal is about sharing experience and energy. Experiencing their culture first hand.

Volunteering requires flexibility and patience. Volunteers should never go to teach western ways, nor are they there to rescue people. They go to share their energy and time, to experience Nepalese culture first hand and to grow themselves.

Are you open enough to accept and respect a culture, no matter how different it is to your own?

This may be one of the most difficult parts of your volunteer experience. There will be aspects of the local culture that confound your sense of logic or challenge your sense of justice.

However, remember you are the visitor. No solitary volunteer can change centuries of tradition or culture.

You must look deep inside yourself and determine if you are flexible enough to respect the local culture before you go.


Take On Nepal provides volunteers with a rich and meaningful cultural experience in Nepal.

Our staff here in Australia and in Nepal are provided with regular training. Our Nepali team have a vast amount of knowledge and skills in adventure and trekking, as well as holding current first aid certificates.

Our leader in Australia, Som, is from Nepal and worked extensively as a guide for many years before settling in Australia in 2001. Som’s invaluable knowledge guarantees all participants in any Take on Nepal journey, an incredible experience.

We handle all logistics to do with your trip and time in Nepal. We provide extensive pre-departure support, including assistance with:

  • What to pack (and not pack)
  • What to expect (and prepare for)
  • Regular correspondence outlining preparation milestones, to ensure they are being met
  • 24 hour back-up and support


Through Take on Nepal, I was enmeshed into a culture of peace, happiness and compassion, where I found my long lost soul that had been lost in a Western world. Being in Batase village has allowed me to find peace after a long and stressful year. I have developed many life skills that will be forever useful. Teaching at a rural village school opened my eyes to the disparities that exist among these people, however, that does not dampen their contagious smile. Bringing our knowledge and literacy skills has been valuable to the children of Batase school. This wonderful experience as my first time abroad has planted the seed to travel the world! I would recommend this program to those seeking a true Nepali cultural experience.

Demi Butler

What can we say except WOW- what a trip!! Thank you all for organising, it was truly amazing and not a trip I will easily forget. A country whose awe-inspiring landscape is as humbling as its incredible people; sure to set fire to even the most experienced adventurers’ heart. Take On Nepal offered us an in-depth look at the culture and people and were integral in making sure our experience was truly once in a lifetime. Their passion for what they do and the smiles they wear everyday left as much an impression as the striking scenery. Sagarmatha National Park was one of the most challenging experiences and one that will stay with me always. Speaking of which, the team were absolutely amazing and have left such a special place in both mine and Gui’s hearts- their smiles are firmly imprinted in our memory’s, so again, from the bottom of my heart – Dhanyabad/ThankYou!

Danny Crutchley - June 2017

Take on Nepal was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. The local people are a delight to be around, and the scenery is some of the most beautiful I’ve seen. It was such a joy to teach the children of the school, as they were always eager to learn. The community of Batase was so welcoming to me and all of my fellow volunteers, and it really felt like a family from day one. I would highly recommend this program as it is truly empowering and all around a wonderful experience.

Megan Jagolinzer - August 2016

My time with Take On Nepal was the most challenging and eye-opening experience I’ve had in my life. Because of this it has also been the most rewarding experience of my life. As an Education student I have gained so much confidence in my ability to make a difference to the lives of others through education. In the short amount of time that I was there I was able to witness positive changes all throughout Batase Village and every little bit of effort that we all put in made the biggest difference to the people who need it most. My time there was supported by very skilled staff that ensured I felt safe and comfortable during my stay and any issues were resolved without hassle. I have quickly become invested in the success of the school and it’s students and hope to return one day soon.

Danielle Ozdirik

As a photographer Take on Nepal has been a rewarding, creative and motivational experience. The program allowed enough time to reflect on life goals while also keeping my mind active by organising and teaching a grade 2 class. The biggest thing I noticed was community. Without our online devises, as a group we communicated with the local villagers, played outside and had deep conversations. We no longer had to rely on the outside world for our source of social communication, it was just outside our door. From this I built lifelong friendships, heard positive stories of change and learnt that life is not to be taken for granted, you must seize every moment as every moment you have is a gift.

Jason - Australia, August 2016

At the risk of sounding cliche, this was definitely a life changing experience. The uniqueness of this adventure is what makes it so special. Being a part of life in the remote village of Batase was eye-opening, inspiring and incredibly enjoyable. It pushed all the volunteers out of their comfort zones whilst providing a fantastic support network of great staff, which has allowed us all to grow as people. We honestly felt a part of the local family and look forward to keeping up to date with the progress of the village school and wider community. I feel privileged to have been a part of Take on Nepal.

John O’Toole

My husband and I decided to do the Annapurna Circuit trek from Khudi to Tatopani, March 20-April 2, 2017. Take on Nepal was recommended by my husband's friend who knows Som Tamang and his efforts to educate and empower Nepali girls. We decided to hire a female porter to carry my pack while my husband carried his own pack. We were introduced to Phulmaya Tamang, Som's sister, who spoke terrific English and was full of energy. I cannot say enough how much fun and reassuring it was to have Phulmaya as our porter, but she was more of a guide even though this was her first time on this particular route. She would find out recommendations of guesthouses in our next destination by talking to the locals or arrange transportation for us. She truly was invaluable. Phulmaya was so friendly, cheerful and encouraging; she was so supportive while I was acclimatizing and feeling the altitude while we went over Thorong La! We also received so many compliments about a female porter! Female trekkers were asking how we arranged it. I hope more people will utilize Take on Nepal and support the wonderful Batase people!

Jan Opdahl - April 2017

My experience with the Take on Nepal company in Batase village has been such an indescribable one. I was blessed enough to not only teach the students of Batase school but also bring every student together to teach a dance routine daily. That was one of the most memorable and heartwarming experiences of my time in Batase village. This wouldn’t have been possible without the support and encouragement of the Take on Nepal staff and teachers of Batase village, so I am eternally grateful to them all for allowing me the opportunity to share my love for human movement with them all. I am so impressed with the students at Batase school and what Take on Nepal has achieved with them. I hope that one day I can return and see how much they have learnt and see each student’s success with their passions.

Meg Biggs

I could not imagine a better way to see and experience Nepal than by joining with Take On Nepal. My time spent trekking to Everest base camp were the most wonderful and rewarding few weeks of my life and making memories that will truly last a life time. The team of staff and guides will make you feel safe, loved and cared for and will absolutely ensure that your time spent with them will not just meet but exceed all expectations of your trekking experience. These people care about you and want you to experience only the best of what Nepal has to offer.

Allison Hudson - Australia, March 2017

Trekking with Take on Nepal has been one of the highlights of my life. What is so outstanding is their genuine care for their clients. This is easy to see by how much and how well they look after you, they go above and beyond in making sure your Everest Trek is really comfortable and super enjoyable. You can set your own pace and you will always have some staff with you and supporting you. Quickly you will become good friends with each of their very friendly, knowledgeable and responsible staff. Would do it again!

Tiffany Harvey - Australia, March 2017

I can honestly say that trekking to Everest Base Camp was one of the most incredible things I have ever done. Before commencing the trek we were told that a successful trek to EBC is reliant on ones mental and emotional resilience. As we trekked it became increasingly obvious to me that the mental side of the Everest game was something that could only be managed through the help of the people around me. The Take On Nepal team was there for myself and the group every step of the way and the relationship and bond we shared with them was something that went above and beyond what we saw amongst other trekkers and there guides. I plan on returning to Nepal in the near future and will definitely be trekking with the TON team again.

Bree Phillips - Australia, March 2017

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