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Take on Nepal and Friends of Himalayan Children Charity

We’re often asked about the connection between Take on Nepal and the FHC charity based in Cairns, Australia. Are we connected in some way? Are we one and the same? Is Take on Nepal a charity or a business?   We’d like to address these questions in detail. Take on …read more

Building a School in Nepal

A new primary school is being built in my home town in Ireland. The project looks like it’s going to take six months to complete. Five months in, the main buildings are standing, the grass has been laid, and the colourful paint has been applied. It looks like a typical …read more

Ploughing a Field by Water Buffalo in Nepal

Nepal is a foreign country. Of course it is, that goes without saying. What many volunteers and visitors fail to realise is just how foreign it is. In the West, we’re used to things being similar, if not the same, between different countries. Fast food in Australia is a little …read more

Small Volunteering Companies in Nepal

We’re a small, family run business with direct ties to Batase village in Nepal and to Cairns in Australia. Take on Nepal was founded by the husband and wife team of Som and Susan in 2013, with the express intention of creating a true village experience for western visitors to …read more

Why Volunteer in Nepal?

Where you chose to work as a volunteer depends on what you’re looking for and on what you hope to achieve. In some cases language is a factor, as some volunteers prefer to work in countries where they can more easily speak to the locals. This is one of the …read more

Drinking Water in Nepalese Mountain Villages

If you’re travelling to a third world country like Nepal, all the guidebooks tell you to avoid drinking the local water for fear of coming down with something that might ruin your trip. This fear of water is such that even fresh vegetables bought from street vendors or in restaurants …read more

Colourful Clothing and Village Children in Nepal

The young children in Batase Village, where most of our volunteers are sent, are not as brand aware as their western counterparts. They’ve never heard of ecco boots and they couldn’t tell Tommy Hilfiger from Calvin Klein. Abercrombie is nothing more than a long word on a sweater that keeps …read more

Western Sensitivity Meets Nepalese Reality

It’s fitting that the first post on this blog should be a personal story from Susan, one of the founders of Take on Nepal. Back in 2008, Batase was just another Himalayan village. The Friends of Himalayan Children charity was just getting started in Cairns, and the village school was …read more

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