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Your flights to Lukla from Kathmandu may be diverted to Ramechhap Airport. Here’s Why!

Your flights to Lukla from Kathmandu may be diverted to Ramechhap Airport. Here’s Why!

Women Only Treks

8 reasons why you should join a women only group

We are often asked why we have some treks for women only, we explain that most of the treks we offer are open to both men and women, we are inclusive in all that we do. We are one of the only trekking companies in Nepal training and hiring a team of young women. We love that our team is a balanced mix of genders. However, twice a year we offer something truly special for women, in the form of a woman only adventure trek to Everest Base Camp. There are quite few reason why we are doing this, read on below:

1. Inspiration

Our team of women guides and porters are more often than not the only females leading groups and individuals on the trekking trails of Nepal. They have faced a lot of criticism from lodge owners, male guides and porters for not following their traditional roles, working on the farm and raising a family. These young women are breaking down barriers but along with change comes resistance. When we bring a team of women trekkers together they inevitably provide support and encouragement to our female team members, our female team members are inspired and motivated by our all women groups who are out there showing our female team members that women can do anything.

2. Friendship

The friendships made on our women only treks are truly unique, trekking to Base Camp is for most people the hardest thing they’ve ever done, to do this with a group of supportive and encouraging women who allow one another to open up, be vulnerable and raw is very special. I have experienced women opening up about life issues that only other women can truly relate to. It becomes a very safe space for women to be who they are without fear of judgement. Conversation flows easily, tears and laughter are expected.

3. It’s easy

We have received wonderful feedback from our women only groups, stating that everything seems easy and less complicated than regular life. Many of the women have children and this can be the first time away from the responsibilities of motherhood and work, the 2 weeks in the mountains truly is an escape from the everyday routine of life. The women in our groups often laugh about how the only decisions that have to be made during the trek are what to ear for breakfast. lunch and dinner, everything else is looked after. Women relate comfortably and easily with one another during the trek, we all understand the stresses we face in our day to day lives and appreciate being able to let go of that for 2 weeks.

4. Empowerment

We’re all about empowering women and we do this by training and employing a large team of female guides and porters, we are giving the village girls the opportunities that their brothers have and opening their eyes to the possibilities of a larger world. Our female guides are our heavy hitters, and all have a bright future ahead of them. They act as an inspiration to many of the younger girls in the village, showing them that it is possible to strive for more than marriage at 14 or 15. We are one of the only trekking companies offering training and employment opportunities to women. These women are what make our women only treks extra special, they remind us about the importance of the sisterhood, our team of women bring an energy and care to our groups. We love sharing stories and lifting one another up, it’s all about empowering each other in a safe space to be exactly who we are, women who care for each other and who look out for each other.

5. Acceptance

On these treks it is very much about being comfortable being you, there’s a special dynamic in group of women, there a no power struggles, no competition and no stress. For many women the experience of traveling in a group of women allows them to be freer, to discuss issues without fear of judgment, they feel listened to and supported, there’s no expectation to look or act a certain way, it’s truly a safe environment to be exactly who you are. The women in our groups have spoken about the feeling of of being listened to and being in control, without any fear of body shaming, flirting from men or sexist remarks, these groups are a space for women to be free of relationship issues, it’s a wonderful environment where everyone is accepted for exactly who they are.

6. Traveling Solo but not really!

If traveling solo in mixed gender groups, there can often be the fear of having to fit into a group of couples. Our women only groups consist of mostly solo travelers who have come together for this experience. We connect everyone before meeting in Kathmandu through a Facebook group, when the time comes for everyone to meet it feels comfortable and familiar. It doesn’t take long for the stories to be shared and lifelong connections to be formed. The groups are very much a coming together of like minded women, women who are not afraid of a challenge, women who are ready to step out of their comfort zone, women whose life experiences have allowed them to become compassionate humans ready to open up and embrace something different and special. Although you may sign up for an experience such as this as a solo traveler, it won’t take long for you to realise that you are in on this with a great bunch of women.

7. Safety and peace of mind

Every woman recognises that there are risks involved with independent travel, in fact the Nepalese government no longer allow people to trek in Nepal without a guide. Joining a women only group provides a sense of safety and comfort, being met at the airport by one of our friendly female team members is an awesome feeling, from your arrival at the airport to your departure, everyone is well supported and guided. Group travel is definitely a safer option than traveling on your own.

We often give the example of needing to use the toilet during the trek, if you are in need to go our female guides can relate, they find you a quiet spot behind a rock and stand guard for you. I often wonder whether the same level of comfort in requesting this support would happen if it was a male guide. Our team of young women can relate to everyone, they will keep you safe, support you and be great company throughout the trek.

8. Girls just wanna have fun

Women like to share stories, learn about one another and be themselves. In our women only groups there’s plenty of laughter. Women have expressed that the feeling of letting go of their everyday roles as a caregiver, employee, wife or whatever it may be is incredible. Being free of expectations and being in the company of a strong group of women inevitably results in fun times. Women who love life and who are drawn to adventure with other women can break down cultural barriers to become great companions and friends. The experience really is FUN!

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