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Why Participate in the Batase Trail Run in January?

Your involvement will be bringing hope and healing to a community that was devastated by the Earthquake. We have organised this event for a few very important reasons:

  • We want to introduce trail running as a sport to the young people of Nepal. These people have been running mountain trails their entire lives. Their bodies are conditioned for it and we want to educate them about this sport that we know they will excel at.
  • One of our major supporters — trail runner Samir Tamang — has always had a vision of helping young Nepali people. Through his own experiences, Samir understands that trail running can empower young people and can open up opportunities and experiences beyond their village life.
  • We know that running promotes healing. In the wake of the Earthquake we want the young villagers to realise the healing benefits of running. We hope for it to become a healthy outlet for them to cope with the stress and trauma experienced as a result of the Earthquake.
  • This event will connect Nepali trail runners with international athletes. The Nepali runners will be inspired by the dedication and commitment shown by International runners to this growing sport. We also hope that the International runners will share useful techniques and strategies with their Nepali counterparts. International runners will also learn about the natural form of our Nepali runners- it will be a time for mutual learning.
  • By spending time in Batase village, you will learn about how a community is recovering from the devastation of the Earthquake. You will learn about the work of the charity “Friends of Himalayan Children” and get a real sense of what life has been like for the people of Nepal since the Earthquake. Your involvement will be a show of support to the community
  • It will be a day of fun, cultural sharing and trail running.
  • This will become an annual event which will grow in size and distance every year.

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