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Your flights to Lukla from Kathmandu may be diverted to Ramechhap Airport. Here’s Why!

Your flights to Lukla from Kathmandu may be diverted to Ramechhap Airport. Here’s Why!

Volunteering Experience in Nepal

After 20 hours and getting motion sickness from turbulence heading to Nepal from Singapore, literally felt like death  but I’ve made it here safe

It was such a good feeling coming off the plane to be greeted by lovely faces, these kids that have picked me up from the airport and took me around Kathmandu are only 19 and are so humble and caring.

Today I managed to have a wonder around Kathmandu, there’s a lot of pollution and very dirty, but they did have an earthquake here a few year ago that destroyed a lot of their country.

Today I had a 19 year old boy, that took me around, he was full of energy and so nice even though he struggled with his English, A homeless boy came up to him and followed us for ages. He eventually gave in, and gave him money, which he wouldn’t of had much money but still gave this other kid his money (when I should of clearly been the one to give money…oops ) – it’s nice to see kids that are so humble and kind, it’s so hard to tell them about my life back at home, cause it is perfect. I couldn’t even begin to tell him. I just kept it simple for him.


Prayer flags (colourful flags) which you will probably see a lot during my trip, these flags are to promote peace, compassion, strength and wisdom, when the wind blows the flags it helps spreads all the good will in life

So tomorrow we start our hike to these kids villages – where it will all begin.

Trusting these 2 awesome kids to take me to their village haha they do not know what their in for, us 3 will be hiking for 2 days together.

Take on nepal is the volunteering company I’ve gone through and I can’t wait for what’s to come.

I don’t have a SIM card so I might be missing in action till the 18th but if I get a chance I’ll update you all.

Till then, this girls going on an adventure. See you all

So after 2 crazy days of hiking into the mountains, it was a pretty awesome experience especially having 2 stray dogs to follow us along the way and kept me going.

I’ve finally arrived to Batase village, and yes I have wifi  what a surprise !

So in Batase village, they have Batase hotel, which there are kids that live in there, that either don’t have parents (due to sad issues) or their parents couldn’t afford to look after them so my volunteering company “take on nepal” look after these kids. There’s about 45 kids.

I’ve learnt a lot only in these few days, whether this place has been affected by an earthquake and did destroy a lot of the village.

Or learning more and more about human trafficking. Whether a family is poor and kinda have no choice and sell their kids. Or kids getting approached by men to come work for them, sometimes they don’t know any better and go…

These next few weeks since the kids are on school holidays, I’ll get to do/run little classes with the kids for an hr or so, (ive taugh them some AFL, or how to brush their teeth ) or else we are running around to get myself fit for Base camp of Mt. Everest And just enjoy the simple things in life.

My life in Batase village being the only volunteering person ‍♀️

12 days in and I’m pretty proud of how far I’ve come, from wanting to leave after day 3, very happy that I stayed – being the only English speaking volunteer person trying to help 40 or so kids.

All the kids have a routine from waking up at 6am to exercise followed by breakfast at 7am not long after that I get feed after the kids. They get feed at 11am lunch, 4pm (light rice snack) 7pm dinner, 9.30 bedtime.

We eat the same stuff about 3 times Day…. rice, potatoes, spinach, tomato with some spices .. sounds delicious… but having it so often I struggle to eat it.

Food takes ages to start cooking as we don’t have stoves and everything is cooked by firewood which takes a while to start…….. kids don’t snack here which is great as they all have perfect teeth – one day I hiked 7 hours to get chocolate and some snacks (HAHA, I’ve learnt my lesson to just appreciate what I have )

How I sleep, my bed is super hard, because they believe after a long day of hard work it’s good to sleep on a hard bed to keep your back straight …some nights it’s super scary, during the night there has been crazy rain and thunder.

There are 3 lady’s that live in the kids hostel (which is a 3 mins walk) while I have 2 girls that live downstairs that are currently looking after me when I need any help.

On a daily basis we have to walk into a jungle with a lot of the kids to collect firewood to help us cook our daily meals, during the afternoon we walk about 15 mins, climbing trees and collecting hard sticks and wood – i was quite amaze one afternoon when I was off to collect some wood with a few girls, they were around 10 years old, I tried to be the bigger person and carrying a awfully sharp knife while trying not to slip over while walking through the bushes (knowing me I was slipping over and trying not to swear at the same time and trying to avoid leeches biting me ) not long after a little girl came up to me and said can I hold the knife and hold your hand – she knew It wasn’t safe for me walking and hold a knife haha and I was actually so grateful to have a little girl take this knife that I knew was dangerous and I trusted her holding my hand and she was so confident. Once we got further into the bushes, off she went and started climbing the tree with the sharp knife and started cutting dry branches from the tree. Here I am not trying to get my hands and clothes dirty…. it’s terrible and I’ve loved watching their daily life.

Showering…. haha well, whenever the sun is out it’s the only time I am able to take a perfectly warm shower as it hits the solar panel near our volunteer shed, the kids don’t take warm showers, THEY DONT EVEN OWN TOWELS – so the kids wait till it’s warm, (which I’ve never noticed) they go shower outside in the mountains and dry off with their dirty clothes or else stand there and dry naked before they put their fresh clothes on, and then they wash there own clothes by hand – these kids know they don’t have parents to help them – there are 3 lady’s that help the kids but only to prepare their meals 3/4 times a day- which is important so they can stay strong and healthy.

To now hear them laugh is the most rewarding thing, I couldn’t be more happier to have stayed and grown to absolutely love these kids with every bit of my heart – I do hope you all grow up one day knowing that life is absolutely beautiful now that you are all getting educated and loved by someone

I’ve got 6 days left till I finally start hiking Base camp of Mt Everest

Omg what a crazy 3 days, I’ve experienced so much, can’t wait to share it with you all once I’m settled. But I’ve finally arrived to Kathmandu

Here is some positive things I’ve learnt over the past 18 days.

I knew coming to Batase Village, It would be more of a change and acceptance in my life then anyone else’s around me, hopefully the kids remember me even if it’s for a little while, a smile can really change a persons day, it was impossible for me to be sad with everyone here smiling and laughing 24/7

They made me learn it’s okay to only have one parent, I’ve learnt even though I knew my mother and I grew up poorly, Maybe there was a reason why my father left me when I was born or maybe there was reason why my mother has told me he is dead from when I was a child to protect me, I now know there are others in the world that have suffered a lot more then I have. So I should be grateful and not hold so much sadness at times not knowing a person.

I look back and think I have, shoes, good clothes, a roof over my head, food was always there, I finished year 12, I’ve worked since I was 14 years old and I’ve only ever been on minimum wage literally till now…. but being in Batase village, made me realise how much richer I really am back in Australia, being able to travel a lot too is a pretty good bonus too.

At the end of the day everyone is fighting a battle that we don’t know about, be kind, always.

But it’s been an unforgettable 3 weeks and I’m so glad I stayed for every bit of this crazy as experience.

Next adventure, Base camp of Mt. Everest !!

This was by far something I’m glad I witnessed, which made me learn more about the Nepalise culture.

So this lady came to the village one morning with a little girl, trying to control myself by not wanting to steal this baby goat, but unfortunately it was sick …. this baby goal was having trouble drinking its mother’s milk, and they wanted to make sure it grew up strong and healthy.

Anyways, I learnt about “witch doctors” they are a person, that people come to when they are really sick, (a person or an animal) that needs help with their health so the Witch doctor does some chanting and throws rice around – I guess miracles can happen if you really believe

If you watch the photo avobe you can watch the witch doctor chant to this beautiful baby goat (ITS SO CUTE JUST SITTING THERE  – soooo adorable) – and witch doctors also have a particular type of hairstyle, as you can see in another video I’ve posted even though sometime he scared me, no matter what he was always smiling and making sure I was feed and looked after.

By Wendy Ng ( Australia, 2019)

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