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Things to do in Kathmandu, for free!

It’s impossible to be bored in Kathmandu, a day wandering around the streets is guaranteed to be an experience in itself

Asan Market: Take a 20 minute walk from the relatively peaceful tourist district of Thamel to Asan Markets. This market place is a feast for the senses, it’s bustling with locals doing their shopping. Crowds of local people flock to this market from all over Nepal to purchase interesting items such as cooking pots, spices, electrical goods and cooking oil. As with everything in Kathmandu, there’s calm among the chaos. Asan market is a must do if you want to get a feel for how the locals go about their shopping.

Durbar Square: There’s no cost to wandering around outside the gated area of Durbar Square and there’s plenty to see and do outside the gates. The famous Hanuman Doka (monkey god) statue can be visited, you will see local people bow and give offerings of food and money to the monkey god.
It’s a great place to find a spot to sit on some steps and watch the world go by. People watching in Kathmandu is a great way to pass the time. You will see locals, foreigners and even cows going about their day.

Kopan Monastery: This is one of the worlds most famous Buddhist Monasteries, it’s located on a top of a hill and has the most amazing views of Kathmandu valley. It’s an oasis from the busyness of the city, a must do if you have the time. It would be a good hour long walk or a 20 minute taxi ride to get there. You can enter the meditation rooms and wander the well kept gardens. It’s impossible not to feel moved in some way at Kopan Monastery. This is where many Western Buddhists become ordained as monks, a truly spiritual place.

Browse the bookshops of Thamel: The tourist area of Thamel has many interesting bookstores, they are a bit of an institution in Thamel. Tourists trade their books which results in an eclectic collection of books in these stores. Many hours can be spent browsing,if you’re a book lover, set aside a couple of hours to do this, you won’t be disappointed.

Go for a run: Join our team in Kathamndu on their morning run, they will take you down backstreets, past tourist attractions and around local suburbs. They run before the streets get busy with traffic, this will give you and unique insight into the city.

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