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Take on Nepal and Friends of Himalayan Children Charity

We’re often asked about the connection between Take on Nepal and the FHC charity based in Cairns, Australia. Are we connected in some way? Are we one and the same? Is Take on Nepal a charity or a business?


We’d like to address these questions in detail.

Take on Nepal is an independent company, owned by Som Tamang and his wife Susan. It is not part of the FHC charity. Neither is it a charity itself. Take on Nepal is a commercial business that began in late 2013, with offices in Cairns.


The purpose of the new business is to take groups of Westerners (initially Australians), on trips to Nepal. The nature of those trips depends on which of our packages a traveller chooses to avail of. We place volunteers in villages in Nepal where they can experience village life and meet and interact with the locals. We take tour groups to Nepal to visit historic sites and areas of natural beauty. And we expect to take groups of Australians on trips to Everest Basecamp later in the year and in 2015.

The trips are organised by Take on Nepal here in Australia and in Nepal. Our staff act as tour guides, meeting the visitors in Kathmandu, and taking them to and from small villages and places of interest. We operate in a field already filled with other companies, and we aim to stand out by using our personal

connections with (and knowledge of) Nepal to enhance each visitor’s experience.

This often involves visits to Som’s home village of Batase — a village that the FHC charity does a lot of good work in: building schools, housing orphans, and helping to raise young children and women out of poverty.

Friends of Himalayan Children was founded by Som many years ago, and his family are still heavily involved in the charity. This, and the fact that Take on Nepal takes visitors to Som’s home village, is why there is sometimes confusion over the connection between Take on Nepal and FHC.


If you’re looking to support a great charity that helps many impoverished people in Nepal, then we heartily recommend getting involved with Friends of Himalayan Children.

If you want to take a trip to Nepal, see what life is like for the locals, and visit some unforgettable places, then we would love to have you come with us, Take on Nepal, on a trip that you will never forget.

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