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Meals during the Everest Base Camp Trek

Meals are included on all of our treks and for this reason we are often asked what type of food will be served. We don’t choose your food, you will decide what to eat for your breakfast, lunch and dinner from the menu in each lodge. The food options along the way are healthy, nutritious, filling and most importantly tasty!

Pringles, desserts, soft drinks, alcohol, chocolate and fruit are available to purchase along the way. This food is not included in your package, you will have to pay for these items yourself. The prices are expensive. Due to the remoteness of the region, a tube of Pringles could set you back $10.

There are some villages along the trek where you will find bakeries and little coffee shops, in particular Namche where you can enjoy a Guinness in the worlds highest Irish pub!

Here’s a small sample of the meals that you will encounter along the way:


You will be deciding what to eat for breakfast the night before. This allows the kitchen to be prepared for the morning rush and it also means that you won’t have a long wait before heading out for your big day of trekking.

Porridge: This is an option on all menus. A filling bowl of warm oats is a great way to start your day of trekking.

Tibetan Bread: This deep fried traditional bread is delicious, it is served with Jam or Honey, a sweet start to your day.

Omelette: Eggs are full of protein and make a wonderful breakfast.

Lunch and Dinner

The lunch and dinner menu is the same on all menus but not to worry, you’ll have plenty to choose from!

MoMo’s: MoMo’s are the unofficial national dish of Nepal. Momo’s are steamed dumplings available in with or without meat. Momo’s are a traditional Sherpa dish, the Sherpa people own the lodges along the Everest Base Camp route and their traditional dishes such as Momos appear on most menus.

Dahl Baht: This is the most popular dish in Nepal. The Nepalese people say “Dahl Baht Power, 24 hour!”, it’s impossible not to feel full and happy after eating Dahl Baht. This is a meal we recommend you eat once or twice a day. Dhal Baht consists of rice (as much as you can eat), lentil soup, vegetables and pickle. It’s filling, tasty and good for you. Exactly the type of food you need to get you to your next destination!

Chow Mein: This Chinese inspired dish is very popular throughout Nepal. Chow Mein is a stir fried noodle dish. With plenty of veggies mixed in, this dish is tasty and filling. A perfect lunch or dinner option.

Thukpa: Another traditional sherpa dish. This hearty soup is sure to warm and nourish your body after an active day trekking. Made with fresh noodles, vegetables and broth, this soup is truly delicious and a popular option on the trek.

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