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How can I make it to Everest Base Camp safely?

Everest Base Camp safety advice

Trekking to Everest Base Camp is undoubtedly a physical challenge, having said that we believe that with some training and preparation most people with an average standard of fitness can trek to Everest Base Camp.

Before your departure you need to follow the recommended training plan we will provide you with. Our training plan outlines. Your serious training should commence 3-5 months prior to the trek start date and will need to cover the 5 important elements of training: stretching, cardio-vascular, core strength, quick recovery and walking stamina. The first step is in preparing your body for walking up hill is to walk up hills!

Pacing: For the best outcome on the trek, you need to take it slowly. You will constantly hear your Guide saying “Bistare, Bistare (slowly, slowly)”, this trek is not a race, there’s no award for the person who arrives first at that days destination. At a slow pace your body can adjust to the lack of oxygen and you will also be better able to enjoy the awe inspiring views surrounding you.

3. Acclimatisation Days: Your 2 acclimatisation days are not rest days, on these days you will walk up approx 400-500m before descending again to sleep. The idea behind acclimatising is that you gain altitude and then sleep down at a lower altitude. On our acclimatisation day in Namche you will walk up to the highest hotel in the world, the Everest View Hotel, here you will enjoy a cup of tea with the best view in the world!

4. Nutrition: You need to stay strong and healthy during the trek, as you gain altitude it is highly likely you will lose your appetite. Earlier in the trek, we recommend you eat the national dish of Nepal, Dahl Baht, this dish consists of rice, lentil soup and a vegetable curry, this meal is hearty and healthy. If you lose your appetite we suggest that you eat any food that will give you energy, the options on the menu’s are varied, many people opt for soup, chips or even pizza; you may not feel like eating but you are burning an enormous amount of energy during the trek and eating is very important. Keep snacks in your daypack, many people bring hard boiled lollies, chocolate bars and nuts, foods that will provide you with energy.

5. Stay Hydrated: During the trek you must drink a minimum of 4-5 litres of water a day, is crucial to staying well during the trek. If you don’t drink enough water the likelihood of you suffering from high altitude sickness increases. Your guides will constantly remind you of the need to drink water, at easy lodge and tea house you can refill your bottle, we discourage the purchasing of water bottles as this has a negative impact on the environment. You will be able to fill your water bottle along the trails for free, you can then use water purifying tablets or a Steripen to purify your water.

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