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High altitude sickness in the Himalayas

Things can take a turn for the worse quickly in the Himalayas, this is why you need to surround yourself with a competent and professional team who will always put your safety first.

 On a recent group trek to Everest Base Camp, our team came across a woman who was suffering from extreme altitude sickness. The woman was slumped on a donkey being brought down a lower altitude with a non English speaking guide who was unable to communicate effectively with his client. The team that the woman had been trekking with had continued on to climb a peak, leaving her behind without sufficient support.

 Our co-founder Som was leading this trek and immediately recognised the need to get emergency help for this woman who was very close to losing her life, she was coming in and out of consciousness. At this stage of altitude sickness, it is impossible for the person suffering to be able to make rational decisions. Because her guide was also unaware of what action to take, intervention from the Take on Nepal team undoubtedly saved her life.

 Som contacted the helicopter company owner informing him of this emergency, he immediately dispatched a helicopter to come to her rescue. Our team carried the woman to the nearest helicopter landing pad and within 20 minutes a helicopter arrived and rushed her off to an International hospital in Kathmandu where she received the treatment required to recover from such a serious episode of Altitude Sickness.

 This incident highlighted the very real dangers of trekking to Everest Base Camp and what can happen if you are not surrounded by professionals who know how to respond in emergency situations. Our team members are trained to recognise the early symptoms of Altitude Sickness and how to assist trekkers to ensure that the situation does not reach crisis point as it did in this situation.

 Our guides will always be on your case to take preventative measures against Altitude Sickness such as drinking enough water, staying warm, eating enough and getting plenty of rest. Our team also know how to get you to hospital if it reaches that stage, they will call a helicopter to get you out of there if it is needed. Having said that, because of the support we provide, we have a near perfect success rate!

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