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Everest Trek. Don’t just dream it, do it!

We all have places in the world that we want to see and experience, we all look at Instagram images and FB posts of our friends travels and think one day I’m going to do that. Our rational thoughts overtake our dreams and those hopes and dreams don’t become concrete plans.

The Dalai Lama said “once a year go some place you’ve never been before”, I always think of the importance of this and make sure to go someplace new every year. It doesn’t have to be in another country, exploring a new place close to home is just as important.

For many people getting up close and personal to Mount Everest is a dream. We all see the images of people trekking through the most stunning scenery and think “Wow, one day!”. What is often not understood is just how accessible and realistic this dream is. Nepal is a relatively short and inexpensive flight from Australia and Europe, when compared to other organised treks the Everest Base Camp Trek not at all unaffordable. With some careful planning, this is something that can be achieved.

Nothing in the world can compare with trekking being amongst the highest peaks in the world, it’s an experience that needs to be felt. We have seen time and again the incredible impact that trekking in the Himalayas has had on people. Life changing decisions made, a new perspective on life and a deeper appreciation of health and wellbeing are some of the broader impacts experiences by trekkers.

The trek to Everest Base Camp is not just about the 14 days of walking, it’s about the lifetime of memories that will be created. Come on…don’t just dream it, do it.

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