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Your flights to Lukla from Kathmandu may be diverted to Ramechhap Airport. Here’s Why!

Your flights to Lukla from Kathmandu may be diverted to Ramechhap Airport. Here’s Why!

Everest Base Camp Trek Facts

10 amazing facts about Everest Base Camp Trek!

1. Always moving

Everest Base Camp is on the Khumbu Glacier, this glacier is constantly moving and every few years the spot where you stop and take photos at “Base Camp” changes! For now Base Camp is a rock with “Everest Base Camp” spray painted on it but this might not be where base camp will be when you do it.

Also, there are 2 base camps, there’s the one where Everest Base Camp trekkers go to and then a kilometre or so away there’s the base camp village where Mount Everest Summiteers base themselves when preparing to summit the mighty mountain

2. You can’t see Mount Everest from Base Camp.

We liken this to standing at the bottom of a skyscraper, when you look up you won’t can’t actually see the skyscraper, it’s the same with Everest Base Camp. You will be surrounded by mountains and will likely hear and see avalances on distant mountains but you won’t see Everest itself. To see Everest you will have to get up early the following morning to climb up Kala Patthar, this is where you will get breath taking views of Mount Everest.

3. Lukla flight is short.

The flight into your Everest Base Camp is only 35 minutes but it will be a flight you will remember your entire life! It’s such an adrenaline rush to fly over Himalayan Peaks and through a pass before landing at a very short runway! It’s a very exciting start to your Everest Base Camp Trek.

4. You have to pay for things you wouldn’t normally expect to pay for!

Although meals and accommodation are included in the cost of our treks you will still have to bring along extra cash for things that you would not expect to have to pay for. These include:

Hot Water: To fill a bottle with hot water will set you back approx. $3 to $5, this is because the cost of gas to boil the water is high and it has to be flown in from Kathmandu.

A shower: For the same reasons as hot water, showers are something you pay for, the higher you go the more expensive it is to shower! We recommend tapping into your inner wild child and not worrying too much about showering until you finish your trek. That first shower and hair wash feels AHHMAZING!

Toilet Paper: This is not provided anywhere, you can bring a few rolls from Kathmandu but once they are used you will need to buy toilet paper, a roll of toilet paper will set you back approx. $1- $2!

5. You’re not actually trekking huge distances everyday.

The return trek is 180km and this is broken down over 12 days, you are actually trekking only approx. 15 km’s per day and you have all day to do this! The days are planned to allow for slow hiking as this helps prevent altitude sickness. You should never feel rushed or pressured on this trek, take it slowly, it’s all about the journey, not the destination.

6. You shouldn’t use bad language!

Your guides and porters get offended by the use of bad language, it’s not part of their vocabulary and they think it comes from a place of anger when used. Our advice is to not go there at all, keep the language clean and that way no one will be upset. Be mindful when trekking that you are walking on the land of the Himalayan people, it’s a good idea to ask your guides what culturally appropriate behaviour is, they will be happy to tell you.

7. The food is amazing.

You will love the food, it’s nourishing, comforting and delicious. It’s mostly carb based food and this is important as it fills you up and gives you energy to get through each day. Our favourites are the Sherpa Stews, the fried potatoes, the traditional Dahl Baht and the Tibetan bread. I’m sure you’ll miss the food when you leave Nepal!

8. You can have a drink at the worlds highest Irish pub!

Namche Bazaar is home to the world highest Irish Pub, our co founder Susan is Irish and she gets very excited about visiting the Irish Pub! We always recommend saving your drink or 2 for the return journey through Namche, you will have reason to celebrate as you are just a day or 2 away from completing your trek.

9. You need to watch out for the yaks!

During peak seasons the yaks are out en force, they are carrying gear up and down the Everest route, they are magnificent creatures and you will hear them coming as they usually wear bells. The rule with the yaks is that you stand off the trail to let them pass, you never stand the side with a drop, you find a safe spot where a yak has no chance of accidently pushing you down a mountain side! You will grow to adore the yaks and donkeys on the trails.

10. There will be a you before experiencing Everest and a different you afterwards!

We know if sounds cliched but it’s true to say that this trek will change you, you will see yourself and the world differently. You will be exposure to such beauty and the majesty of nature will undeniably have a massive impact on you. The trek gives you time to think about what’s important in life and it reconnects you to nature and people. It’s an experience like no other.

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