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Festival of Nepal

We have arrived in Nepal at a time of an important festival – Tihar, the second biggest festival in Nepal. It represents the divine attachment between humans, gods and animals. Monday was the festival of the Crow Tuesday was for the Dog, Wednesday was for the Cow, yesterday was for the Oxen and today (Friday) is the big one the Festival of the Brother. A day where families celebrate the close interaction between brothers and sisters.


Everyone is busy chopping food, weaving garlands and cleaning houses. The kids are super excited. There will be chicken and buffalo which is a rare addition to the usual vegetarian diet.

The preparations started yesterday with cooking over 400 pancakes and picking marigolds and purple flowers (not sure of their name). to make into the garlands that will be presented to the brother’s later today.

The singing and dancing has been going on well into the night for the last couple of evenings with the hostel (there will be a separate post about this incredible place later) kids joining in the festivities. They love Bollywood style dancing and are amazingly good at it. Unfortunately they won’t let us just sit and watch (I feel as awkward as Teresa May looked dancing with the African people)

Everything is grown organically in the village and prepared over wood fires. We’ve had no meat, coffee or alcohol since being here and are feeling amazing.

Kath Hadleigh


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