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Your flights to Lukla from Kathmandu may be diverted to Ramechhap Airport. Here’s Why!

Your flights to Lukla from Kathmandu may be diverted to Ramechhap Airport. Here’s Why!

Leadership & Trekking Guide Training in Nepal

Nepal Trekking Guides In 2018, I first became involved with Take On Nepal quite by chance.  I agreed to join a friend on an All Women’s Trip to Everest Base Camp.  This was an unusual choice for me as I have hiked, paddled, traveled and adventured independently for my entire …read more

How much money should I tip my Everest Base Camp Trek guide and porter?

All of our staff members are paid higher wages than is the industry minimum, our team members are all provided with training and educational opportunities, we know our guides and porters are the backbone of our company. We know our consistently good feedback is because of the great work our …read more

Everest Base Camp Trek with Som Tamang

EBC trek guide Though born and raised in Nepal, Take on Nepal founder Som Tamang and his family are now Australian citizens. Som received a Pride of Australia award for his achievements with the not-for-profit organisation Friends of Himalayan Children in Cairns. The charity he started carries out a lot …read more

Training for Everest Base Camp Trek

How to prepare for Everest Base Camp Trek   We constantly hear people telling us that they are not fit enough to trek to Everest Base Camp, and on the other side of the coin, we sometimes have people join our groups who don’t believe it necessary to train for …read more

Accommodation on the trek to Everest Base Camp

Tea houses on the Everest Trail- 6 things you need to know! On all of our treks we choose to stay in tea houses, they are in fact small lodges but have been named by the Sherpa people as tea houses as they are also used to serve trekkers tea …read more

What’s the difference between trekking to Everest Base Camp and summiting Mount Everest?

Top 5 Differences between summiting Mount Everest and trekking to Everest Base Camp Ever since news broke about the crowds of people queuing up to reach the summit of Mount Everest, we have had many people question why they would join the queues. We find ourselves explaining that the queues …read more

Volunteering in Nepal

Take on Nepal. Take on hope. Take on love. Take on passion and determination. These were the unforgettable, irreplaceable and absolutely, breathtakingly beautiful 21 days of my life. During my trek to Batase Village, I asked my beautiful Nepali sister who was carrying an oversized backpack up the countless stairs …read more

Women Only Treks

8 reasons why you should join a women only group We are often asked why we have some treks for women only, we explain that most of the treks we offer are open to both men and women, we are inclusive in all that we do. We are one of …read more

Everest Base Camp Trek Vs Annapurna Base Camp Trek

  Annapurna Base Camp Trek or Everest Base Camp Trek? A question that is always asked is, “Which trek is better, the Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) Trek or the Everest Base Camp (EBC) Trek?” Having trekked both on multiple occasions, we can answer by saying that there is no right …read more

How can I make it to Everest Base Camp safely?

Everest Base Camp safety advice Trekking to Everest Base Camp is undoubtedly a physical challenge, having said that we believe that with some training and preparation, most people with an average standard of fitness can trek to Everest Base Camp. Before your departure you need to follow the recommended training …read more

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