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Among Heroes – Ruben Coppoolse in Batase

After a two-day hike in the mountains I had a warm welcome in Batase Village.

Batase Village is a remote area in the mountains. Somewhere between the Himalayans.

I came here with two Porters who are also residents of Batase Village. They are Strong man of the age of 20. They know the way through the mountains without any map or compass.

The same day we had dinner with the Children who living in a Hostel. These Children live in the Hostel for several reasons. Some come of families who don’t have the ability to take good care of them, some just live too far to go to school every day. Some of those children are there to help the other children with their homework and to go to school every day.

I walk every day through the Cornfields to the School to help with teaching the Children English.

The Children are going 6 days a week to school. With or without rain through mudslides and hard conditions. Nothing is stopping these children to go to school every day.

One boy around 9 years old helped his sister who has a walking disability on his back to go to school.

When the school is finished the children rushing back to home so they can cut leaves and grass. Girls who carrying more than 20 kilos of grass or rice everyday up the mountain.

But these children they have a bigger purpose in life. They training hard every day they run in competitions to raise awareness.

The small contribution what you can give as a volunteer can have a huge impact on their lives.

I’m happy to be here happy to be among these heroes.

~ Ruben Coppoolse

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