Testimonials & feedback from our trekkers and volunteers

“Doing the Everest Base Camp trek has been the single most incredible experience I have ever done in my life so far. It demands from every inch of your body, both physical and mentally, and gives you the opportunity to learn about your limits and how far you can push yourself. The rewards from this experience are as big and beautiful as the breathtaking landscapes that surrounds you the entire time. Thank you for every single one at Take on Nepal for providing such beautiful memories – your support and kindness will forever stay in my mind. Your smile kept me going.”

– Gui Pacheco    (UK, July 2017)

“We have always wanted to volunteer overseas and hadn’t thought to do so in Nepal until we came across the Take on Nepal website. From the moment we made contact we knew that this was the absolute right decision to make. Take on Nepal have been with us every step of the way from the planning stages, to airport pick ups and drop offs and every activity in between. Volunteering in Batase village has been a highlight for each of us. Being able to work so closely with the villagers to provide positive learning and living experiences for the young children, particularly after the devastating 2015 earthquake, has been invaluable. Take on Nepal also gave us an opportunity to hike to EBC. Our tour guides, Mane and Bir were absolutely incredible, providing us with support throughout the 2 week trek. We cannot fault their continued support, hospitality and flexibility during this time. Their willingness to share with us the local culture and language is a testament to the pride they both have for Nepal. They were definitely our Himalayan Heroes. ”

– Nicole & Troy    (Australia, July 2017)

“What can we say except WOW- what a trip!! Thank you all for organising, it was truly amazing and not a trip I will easily forget. A country whose awe inspiring landscape is as humbling as its incredible people; sure to set fire to even the most experienced adventurers’ heart. Take On Nepal offered us an in-depth look at the culture and people and were integral in making sure our experience was truly once in a lifetime. Their passion for what they do and the smiles they wear everyday left as much an impression as the striking scenery. Sagarmatha National Park was one of the most challenging experiences and one that will stay with me always. Speaking of which, the team were absolutely amazing and have left such a special place in both mine and Gui’s hearts- their smiles are firmly imprinted in our memory’s, so again, from the bottom of my heart – Dhanyabad/ThankYou!”

– Danny Crutchley    (June 2017)

“There is something special about the Batase community, and about the Take On Nepal team. I’d say you have to go to experience it for yourself, but it’s basically like being greeted by old friends, except you’re just meeting them. There is nothing more exhilarating or nerve-wracking than going to a foreign country to practice doing something you’re passionate about. Thanks to Som, Susan, Dinesh, Mane, Phulmaya, Somjana, and the tens of others from the Take On Nepal team, our transition and welcome to Nepal and Batase was easy. Take On Nepal makes you a part of the garland of flowers that makes up Nepal, and makes Nepal a part of you. I’m counting down until I can return to Nepal, to Batase, to my students there, and to the incredible team of my old friends!”

– Jasmine Bayani    (March 2017)

“What an absolutely amazing experience trekking to Everest Base Camp with Take on Nepal! It was challenging and tough – without the support, expertise and assuredness of the TON staff, our group’s trek would not have been such a success. I am so glad to have had the opportunity to get to know all the staff (guides, training guides and porters) as friends even before our trek began. After my time with TON, I would definitely return to Nepal in a heartbeat to trek more of this wonderfully beautiful country.”

– Jeremy Chan    (Australia, March 2017)

“Trekking to Everest Base Camp has been my dream for many years and I have absolutely no regrets in my choice to trek with Take On Nepal. Not only were the staff experienced, knowledgable and professional, but they were also caring and supportive. I saw many other large trekking groups with only one guide, meaning less attention was given to each client’s needs. We, on the other hand, had enough staff with us to ensure that everyone felt looked after at all times, no one had to walk alone if they were far behind or in front, and measures were taken if people got sick to ensure them recovery and a successful completion of the trek. It was a truly amazing, once in a life time journey and I know it would not have been so positive if I had gone with anyone other than Take On Nepal.”

– Maia Coghlan    (Australia, March 2017)

“I initially came to Nepal to volunteer and teach the students of Batase village through Take on Nepal. I immediately wished that I had organised to also do the Everest Base Camp trek and the team was very accommodating and allowed this wish to come true. Throughout the trek our guides were extremely supportive and went out of their way to ensure we successfully achieved our goal of reaching Base Camp, this included making alterations to individuals itineraries in order to accommodate delays due to illness. This allowed myself to sleep at lower altitudes and achieve the rest I needed to recover, and catch up with the rest of the group as soon as possible to continue the trek. I can’t recommend Take on Nepal highly enough as their care and attention to each individual member of the trekking team goes above and beyond what I could have ever expected and is far greater than the level of care I witnessed of other guides we met while trekking to and from our destination.”

– Michael Schmidt    (Australia, March 2017)

“I can honestly say that trekking to Everest Base Camp was one of the most incredible things I have ever done. Before commencing the trek we were told that a successful trek to EBC is reliant on ones mental and emotional resilience. As we trekked it became increasingly obvious to me that the mental side of the Everest game was something that could only be managed through the help of the people around me. The Take On Nepal team was there for myself and the group every step of the way and the relationship and bond we shared with them was something that went above and beyond what we saw amongst other trekkers and there guides. I plan on returning to Nepal in the near future and will definitely be trekking with the TON team again. ”

– Bree Phillips    (Australia, March 2017)

“Trekking with Take on Nepal has been one of the highlights of my life. What is so outstanding is their genuine care for their clients. This is easy to see by how much and how well they look after you, they go above and beyond in making sure your trek is really comfortable and super enjoyable. You can set your own pace and you will always have some staff with you and supporting you. Quickly you will become good friends with each of their very friendly, knowledgeable and responsible staff. Would do it again!”

– Tiffany Harvey    (Australia, March 2017)

“I could not imagine a better way to see and experience Nepal than by joining with Take On Nepal. My time spent trekking to Everest base camp were the most wonderful and rewarding few weeks of my life and making memories that will truly last a life time. The team of staff and guides will make you feel safe, loved and cared for and will absolutely ensure that your time spent with them will not just meet but exceed all expectations of your trekking experience. These people care about you and want you to experience only the best of what Nepal has to offer.”

– Allison Hudson    (Australia, March 2017)

“There is no better way to see Nepal for the first time than doing a joint Volunteering program and Everest Base Camp trek with this incredible team. To see the work and incredible effort Som and his organisation put in all year round to create what they have is just wonderful and the sense of involvement from this experience is like no other. I felt as though I found another family in everyone I shared my time with there. I don’t think there are many programs anywhere else in the world that give you a feeling as strong as this. It really sets fire to something in you that makes you want to start doing things, helping, changing, continue to see the children grow and keep in contact with everyone who was a part of the journey. Six weeks in Nepal could not have been spent any better, apart from staying longer. From running with incredible athletes through the Nepalese hills and witnessing the most beautiful smiles I’ve ever seen every day I spent there, to trekking to the base of the highest mountain in the world with people I could trust from spending the past few weeks with, I am over the moon I chose to go with Take on Nepal. I’ll be back very soon!”

– Alex Aves    (February 2017)

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Take On Nepal program. It was great to experience the rural village lifestyle firsthand. All of the staff and the local people were so friendly and welcoming. Our guide in particular, Sandip, created such a fun environment and was extremely knowledgeable about the flora and fauna in Nepal. He went above and beyond to make us feel at home. As a university student completing a Bachelor of Primary Education, I found the opportunity to teach at a local school in rural Nepal to be extremely rewarding, valuable and eye-opening. It presented me with diverse challenges and experiences to what I have experienced previously in classroom settings. I feel that this experience has pushed me to become not only a better teacher, but a better person by finding ways to connect to the students in my classes in spite of the language barrier. The activities in Kathmandu and Chitwan were also great and really gave us a taste of life in different parts of Nepal. This program is unique as it gives you authentic insight into Nepalese culture and lifestyles. I highly recommend it – it is an experience that will stay with you for a lifetime!”

– Brielle Spicer    (January 2017)

“Take on Nepal along with Friends of Himalayan children are incredible organisations and i could not have enjoyed my experience enough. My time in Batase was some thing I’ll never forget. I enjoyed everyday whether it was trying to get warm in the sun to playing with the hostel children and teaching at the Village school. We got a view into Nepali life watching and getting involved with the hostel children’s chores and eating the best food that Norbu cooked for us. From the beginning to the end of the 21 day program we had a wonderful guide named Sandip. He was informative, confident and always happy to help. Sandip taught me and my group a lot about Nepal’s rich culture, the different religions and all the different fauna and flora of Nepal. It was also a privilege to meet such strong, smart young women who worked as our porters and training guides.”

– Savannah Norton    (January 2017)

“I think it is going to be quite impossible to try and capture the brilliance of my experience with Take on Nepal in words–I visited Batase for two weeks and it was, and will continue to be, one of the most memorable experiences of my life. The Nepalese culture is perhaps the loveliest I’ve ever encountered, and I experienced nothing but warm welcomes and beautiful smiles during my time in Batase. Take on Nepal provides such a grass roots experience, you get involved in the day-to-day life of the village and there’s this rawness and authenticity about it that I never realised was missing from much of Western culture until I visited Batase. I was also so inspired by the unprecedented dedication of many of the village members towards improving the lives and education of the children who live there. I feel so lucky to have been welcomed into such a remarkable place and, like many others, I left seeing the world through a different lens. If you visit Nepal with Take on Nepal, expect to be planning your next trip back before you’ve even left Batase. There’s nothing so wonderful.”

– Lisa Cosgun    (January 2017)

“I wanted to visit Nepal to have a taste of volunteer teaching in a developing country and I left with so much more. I left having new friends, an insight into just how amazing the students and teachers are at Batase village and a new appreciation and enthusiasm for life. It was such a pleasure getting to know each and every one of the guides, students and teachers in Batase and we have made so many memories I will never forget. The work that Friends of Himalayan Children charity has done and is continuing to do is beyond words and experiencing first hand an impact that it is making on these children’s lives was an experience I think everybody has to experience at least once in there lifetime. I could not recommend visiting and volunteering in Batase village enough, and will certainly be back again. Feel free to check out my blog post for more information on my stay in Batase.”

– Jordan Christodoulou    (December 2016)

“When Mitch and I started planning our next overseas trip, we decided it was time for something different. Rather than relaxing on a tropical beach somewhere, we wanted to do something more meaningful and adventurous. After hours of scrolling through websites of large volunteering organisations, I came across the Take on Nepal website. Once I read Som and Susan’s story, I immediately knew they were a genuine company which was exactly what we were looking for. Just over six months later, we found ourselves in the chaos of Kathmandu airport and completely out of our comfort zones! But as soon as we were greeted by our friendly guide, Sandip, we were put at ease and welcomed into the incredible country of Nepal. The experiences we had over the next three weeks are hard to put into words. Our time volunteering at Batase was eye-opening and inspiring. Our trek to Everest Base Camp was physically and mentally challenging, but the laughs and views of the Himalayas made everything worthwhile. A big thank you to our guides, Sandip and Phulmaya, for everything they did for us throughout the trek. I would encourage anyone who is wanting a break from their day to day lives to book a trip with Take on Nepal. They are a truly incredible company who are making positive changes to the lives of many, and you will get to experience this first hand. We will never forget our time in Nepal and are so grateful to Som and Susan for accommodating us.”

– Emma Bulling    (November 2016)

“There are many trekking companies out there that promise lifelong experiences and breathtaking views of the Himalayas. Take On Nepal and Friends of Himalayan Children provide more than that by putting the money towards helping to provide a home, education and opportunities to young Nepalese kids that otherwise would not. It was truly inspiring to see the work Som has done and is continuing to do in the small village of Batase. The culture and concept of education to the students in the school is nothing I have ever experienced. Being a teacher back home in Australia, I have seen how western society takes education for granted. The students in the school have a visible hunger for learning – unfortunately due to their realization of the harsh reality of the lack of opportunity their homeland provides. I will cherish the experiences I had volunteering in Batase and trekking to Everest Base Camp with me for a long time as well as the impact I know I made in the lives of those young kids.”

– Mitch Clisby    (November 2016)

“For an in depth account of mine and other’s time in nepal please refer to the websites blog. However, in the interest of keeping this short and sweet here is my testimonial. Take on nepal has truly captured the spirit and sense of adventure surrounding this country. They offer such a comprehensive experience that I do not think it can be rivaled. Attentive and caring guides allow you to relax amongst new and exciting experiences. Whatever you dream of doing here and no matter who you are, let take on nepal make your trip, as they did for me, an unforgettable and quite honestly life changing experience.”

– Toby Faulkner    (November 2016)

“Take on Nepal was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. The local people are a delight to be around, and the scenery is some of the most beautiful I’ve seen. It was such a joy to teach the children of the school, as they were always eager to learn. The community of Batase was so welcoming to me and all of my fellow volunteers, and it really felt like a family from day one. I would highly recommend this program as it is truly empowering and all around a wonderful experience.”

– Megan Jagolinzer    (August 2016)

“I have wanted to see the Hiymalayans since I was fifteen. I love the outdoors and the mountains they are my life. When I found out I could go trekking in the Himalayas I jumped at the chance, however I did not know it was going to be as amazing as this trip was. I was in tears of joy when I reached the top of Renjo pass. It was so beautiful and I was so glad I could share it with my new family Sujan, Anjana, and Ramesh. They became family to me and best friends. They were unforgettable: Anjana way my little sister who I woke up to every morning and hugged at every pass. Sujan stayed with me when I was having a hard time on the passes and encouraged me to keep going. Ramesh helped me not have to worry about anything and helped me feel at him. I would not trek with anyone else and when I come back with bring my brother I hope to climb a mountain with them. I hope they will forever be in my life.”

– Sandra J. Carter    (August 2016)

“I went to Batase village in July 2016. It was an incredible experience for many reasons which are difficult to put into words here. But, I can say that I highly recommend this volunteer program and Nepal. Som and the Take on Nepal team are amazing – they deeply care about the people in their village and you as a visitor to their home. This program is authentic and real. I experienced Nepalese life on different levels than I would have with any other volunteer organisation or tourist group. The village is really special and though the trek is hard at times it is worth the journey and a must if you want to gain an understanding into village life. The children have stayed in my mind long after I have left and I am already making plans to go back.”

– Jaz Anderson    (from Australia, August 2016)

“As a photographer Take on Nepal has been a rewarding, creative and motivational experience. The program allowed enough time to reflect on life goals while also keeping my mind active by organising and teaching a grade 2 class. The biggest thing I noticed was community. Without our online devises, as a group we communicated with the local villagers, played outside and had deep conversations. We no longer had to rely on the outside world for our source of social communication, it was just outside our door. From this I built lifelong friendships, heard positive stories of change and learnt that life is not to be taken for granted, you must seize every moment as every moment you have is a gift.”

– Jason    (from Australia, August 2016)   Jason’s Website

“More incredible than I could have imagined, planned or expected, Take on Nepal was the most amazing experience I have ever had. I had originally planned on volunteering in Nepal with a different company which unfortunately was struggling to get a team- a misfortune that was in fact the luckiest thing that has ever happened to me because in my desire to come to Nepal it lead me to find Take on Nepal which I switched to immediately. A decision I’ll never regret.

I’ll forever cherish the deep and true friendships I made during my time in Batase. From day one of the trek I felt at home and apart of the family. Immersed in the culture and welcomed into their lives, we planted millet, cut grass and washed in the flowing spring (if you choose). I feel blessed to have met the young boys and girls with beautiful hearts and who I believe are destined for success whatever path they choose in life. A choice they have as a result of Som’s efforts and work with FHC and Take on Nepal, assisted by volunteers. Highlights and memories are enough to write a book about- mud fights, tiger watching in the forest, singing and dancing with children and riding on the top of a local bus!!! You will never regret your decision to go but you will regret the decision not to so GO! or as the Nepalese would say: JUM!!!”

– Katherine    (from Australia, July 2016)

“Take On Nepal truly has changed my views and outlooks on life and I will be forever grateful for this experience which you have so kindly offered. Even though I was unwell it was the most inspiring and eye opening 3 weeks which I would happily do once again.”

– Amy Neish    (from Scotland, July 2016)

“Upon arrival in Kathmandu, I had no idea what to expect. Even after hours of research and preparation, I still felt completely out of my comfort zone. The feeling of uncertainty quickly vanished when I was promptly greeted at the Kathmandu airport by the most welcoming and kind employees of Take On Nepal. Everything was organised and taken care of in anticipation of the volunteer’s arrival. The next couple of weeks were comprised of incredible views, unforgettable people and conversations, and amazing interactions with the children and families in Batase Village. As an American with very little travel experience, my eyes were opened to cultural differences and similarities. Every need I ever had was met with a smile and allowed me to focus on learning and experiencing as much of Nepal as I could. I will always be grateful for the hospitality and kindness that was shown to me, and I will never forget my trip with Take On Nepal.”

– Brianna Swenson    (from the USA, July 2016)

“To say that my experience with Take on Nepal has been amazing would be an understatement. From the hikes, to the mud fights, to the water fights and fig fights, to planting in the fields, stripping beans and cutting grass, our days in Batase Village has been filled with fun and adventure. But what I believe really defines this experience is the people. Their hospitality and generosity made us feel so welcome and truly a part of the village life. The children are bright and loving, and are an absolute joy to teach and play with. This side of Nepal is well off the beaten tourist track and provides an incredible opportunity to really experience the country. It’s fantastic to witness the difference that volunteering has on the community and the memories I have made here will stay with me always.”

– Bharathy Shanmugam    (from Australia, July 2016)

“Take On Nepal encompasses the heart, soul, and culture of the Nepal. Breathtaking views of the ridged Himalayan mountains engulf the tiny cottages like a picture from National Geographic. The generosity, hospitality, and warmth of the Nepalese people in Batase is unwavering. Children at the school are undoubtedly the most respectful and engaged students because of their desire to learn and pursue higher education. The journey with Take on Nepal is completed by the addition of enthusiastic, kind hearted volunteers. The interpersonal growth, perspective and appreciation I acquired through this journey is absolutely priceless and irreplaceable.”

– Katie Lucernoni    (from the USA, July 2016)

“I’m not sure how you can really describe such an incredible experience like this – but I’ll do my best… Being in Batase Village has been like finally being able to see the world with clear vision. Back home, we act and look and think about things in a certain way – but here in Batase, the slate has been wiped clean. What’s left are simply genuine, kind hearted men and women with a vision that empowers young people to gain an education, and leave the world better then they found it. My experience has been teaching and playing with children, relaxing in one of the most raw and scenic places I will ever hope to see, as well as enjoying good food, and even better company. All the while, knowing that my experience here raises both the funds and the awareness to encourage young girls and boys to break free of social and cultural chains, and achieve knew heights of equality and education. Regardless of age or ability, if you are someone who yearns for new adventures and enough inspiration to last a lifetime, please, follow in our footsteps and Take On Nepal.”

– Britt Ferguson    (from Canada, July 2016)

“From waking up to a view of the Himalayas every morning, trekking through the most incredible landscapes of jungles, mountains, rain forests and rice fields, and getting to know the most beautiful, happy and kindest people I have ever met. To say Take On Nepal has been a life changing experience is an understatement.

Staying in Som’s home village Batase with his family is definitely what has made this volunteering experience connect to us on a more personal level, and allowed us to further immerse ourselves in their culture, which is really what makes this unique and different to other programs. Seeing first hand the affects from the earth quake and actually being able to see the difference Som has made/making to so many lives and to know that we are helping, definitely makes our experience here so much more real.

This incredible country and all the smiling faces of the beautiful children I taught is something that will stay with me forever.”

– Zoe Stewart    (from Australia, July 2016)

“Take on Nepal has been nothing but phenomenal. Everyday you wake up to an amazing view of the Himalayas and rolling hills that you never get sick of. The people in Batase Village now have my heart, and are the kindest most genuine humans I have ever met. Teaching in the local school is nothing but rewarding and it’s just so wonderful to teach children who are willing to learn. The respect I have for these people is so high and it really is such an eye opening experience. Every day is memorable, from seeing the kids learning to the fig, mud and water fights. This program that Som and Susan have started has already made a huge difference as it has helps so many children, families and local farmers. I would recommend Take on Nepal to anyone, from anywhere, who would like to be part in a worthy cause.”

– Brianna Shaw    (from Australia, July 2016)

“My experience with Take on Nepal was not only humbling but very enriching. It started with a rather long walk (by my account of 27km) to Batase Village with Jitay (my guide) and Anil (my porter and guide in training). Volunteering in Batase was a great way to start my trip. Learning a few basic phrases and understanding the way of life in the village was eye opening to say the least. Everyone I have met along the way were happy and smiling despite the hardship faced every day. I thoroughly enjoyed running with the children from the hostel, despite it being at 5am every morning. After spending time in the village, it was time to start my trip to Everest Base Camp with Jitay, Phulmaya and Anjana. The initial plan was to go with children from the village who were going to compete in the Base Camp Half Marathon but due to cost I was saddened to learn they were going to do another race instead with Anil. Hopefully next year they will compete and I may even be back to join them. What I did enjoy was the fact that Phulmaya and Anjana were training to be guides and porters for the future. Safely, I have now made it up and back to Lukla via Everest Base Camp and Kala Pattar (which I almost didn’t make it up to) thanks to the girls and the knowledge and positivity of Jitay. I will definitely be recommending to my friends and family if they come to Nepal to travel with Take on Nepal I have seen first hand where that money is invested back into the community and for the future.”

– Isabel McLernon    (June 2016)

“I couldn’t recommend Take on Nepal highly enough to anyone looking for an unforgettable and life changing volunteering experience. The people of Batase and the take on Nepal guides were all amazing, kind-hearted people, full of happiness despite the struggles they face. It was a humbling experience teaching the kids, who were all eager to learn as much as they could from us. Even though we were only there a short time, it was an honour to make a small difference in the lives of those living in Batase. I can’t wait to come back and visit again! ”

– Claudia Southern    (March 2016)

“Take on Nepal has changed all aspect of my life. It is not only for changing the lives of the kids with education, but changing your own life with their culture and not being as materialistic as other countries. The smiles from Batase village will forever enlighten my life. Life is not to be taken for granted, you must seize every moment as every moment you have is a gift. I wish to be back again to this amazing beautiful country Nepal.”

– Jake Kerr    (March 2016)

“Take on Nepal has been a humbling and exciting experience for me. The volunteers, guides and people of Batase village are so genuine and passionate about what they do, it is truly inspirational. The kids at Batase school are full of energy and eager to learn, and knowing that I’ve made a small contribution to their lives makes the time I’ve spent with them so worthwhile. Within the student volunteer program, there is also a great mix of tourist activities in Kathmandu and Chitwan, led by amazing guides who are both hospitable and great company. Overall, Take on Nepal has been an enriching journey and I will definately be coming back to visit again.”

– Sonia Raju    (January 2016)

“Take on Nepal does not provide the classic ‘touristy’ sight-seeing experience. It immerses you in beautiful country dealing with devastation and confronts you with incredible people who continue to demonstrate strength and resilience. Coming out of high school, this is a trip which has provid-ed me with greater perspective, gratitude, independence and motivation to help those who need it most. I will not forget the group leaders, guides, volunteers and the people of Nepal who made this a unique, extraordinary and worthwhile journey.”

– Emily Grundy    (January 2016)

“Choosing the “Take on Nepal” program was definitely the best decision I could have made for my 2015/16 Uni holidays. When comparing it to all the other programs available, I found it a perfect balance of volunteering and exploring. All of the staff went out of their way to make the experi-ence comfortable, safe, enjoyable and personal. I really do feel like I have another home in Ba-tase village that I would be welcome back to at any time. This was the first time that I was in-volved in a volunteering program and by exceeding all of my expectations, it has convinced me to partake in many more.”

– Dharani Nadarajah    (January 2016)

“Take on Nepal was an eye-opening and inspiring experience for me. The opportunity to be apart of village life showed me that no tragedy can hinder the positivity and strength shared by the people. My time there was truly worthwhile and to be able to make some form of a difference in the village is a chance worth taking. ”

– Archana Jayasundera    (January 2016)

“Take on Nepal is a truly unique volunteering program. The whole basis of the program, where Som and Susan invite you to stay in Som’s village creates an incredibly personal environment that gives you a greater understanding of the Nepalese culture. I was part of the 2015/16 Pro-gram during the winter and I couldn’t have asked for a better time to go. Although it was very challenging at times because of the cold, we got to have some great times huddled around the fireplace drinking tea. On a whole, the trip presents many moments that will challenge you, but it is these challenges that leave you feeling inspired and rewarded at the end of the day, knowing that you actually made a difference to the Batase Community. One particular thing about Take on Nepal that I can’t stress enough is that the money really goes towards the community and actual-ly makes a difference. This is an organisation that truly cares and wants to create change, so if you are reading this trying to decide whether to go with this program, I say do it! You will have a great time, have many unique experiences and make many new friends along the way. Not only were we given opportunities to help Batase village, numerous times during the trip Som and Su-san organised for us to distribute school bags filled with school supplies to children and teachers in nearby villages. Not only did they give us the chance to see more of Nepal on an enjoyable hike, they also gave us the opportunity to make a difference to numerous children’s lives. Fur-thermore, during the 2015/16 trip we were lucky enough to coincide with Som’s organisation of the first Batase trail run event. Being able to help out and be involved in such a truly inspiring cause – the empowerment of girls in Nepal through running – was amazing. Additionally, I felt so lucky to be able to experience firsthand a real sense of community and meet some inspirational guest speakers like Mira Rai. Once you meet Som and Susan you’ll understand how inspiring and motivating their passions are. This is an incredible organisation that will make you want to visit Nepal again and again. (Visited Nepal after completing Year 12)”

– Natasha Ricardo    (January 2016)

“My time with Take On Nepal was the most challenging and eye-opening experience I’ve had in my life. Because of this it has also been the most rewarding experience of my life. As an Education student I have gained so much confidence in my ability to make a difference to the lives of others through education. In the short amount of time that I was there I was able to witness positive changes all throughout Batase Village and every little bit of effort that we all put in made the biggest difference to the people who need it most. My time there was supported by very skilled staff that ensured I felt safe and comfortable during my stay and any issues were resolved without hassle. I have quickly become invested in the success of the school and it’s students and hope to return one day soon. ”

– Danielle Ozdirik

“My experience with the Take on Nepal company in Batase village has been such an indescribable one. I was blessed enough to not only teach the students of Batase school but also bring every student together to teach a dance routine daily. That was one of the most memorable and heartwarming experiences of my time in Batase village. This wouldn’t have been possible without the support and encouragement of the Take on Nepal staff and teachers of Batase village, so I am eternally grateful to them all for allowing me the opportunity to share my love for human movement with them all. I am so impressed with the students at Batase school and what Take on Nepal has achieved with them. I hope that one day I can return and see how much they have learnt and see each student’s success with their passions. ”

– Meg Biggs

“At the risk of sounding cliche, this was definitely a life changing experience. The uniqueness of this adventure is what makes it so special. Being a part of life in the remote village of Batase was eye-opening, inspiring and incredibly enjoyable. It pushed all the volunteers out of their comfort zones whilst providing a fantastic support network of great staff, which has allowed us all to grow as people. We honestly felt a part of the local family and look forward to keeping up to date with the progress of the village school and wider community. I feel privileged to have been a part of Take on Nepal.”

– John O’Toole

“Coming to Nepal I was unsure what to expect in the wake of the earthquake and the political unrest. I felt safe and in good hands by the Take on Nepal staff members. I have had the best time so far on this trip with such like-minded people all striving to make a difference. I have learnt so much about myself on this trip and feel like teaching has improved my confidence and it has motivated me to do more aid work in the future, hopefully making a career out of it. The volunteer program is truly one of a kind with Som growing up in the village and speaking the local language which means he is able to communicate with the Batase locals and have a greater understanding of their needs. ”

– Emily McRedmond

“The Take on Nepal program, is really one of a kind. My time spent in Batase village was definitely an experience of a life time and one that I don’t think that any other volunteering program for students could ever offer. As a nursing student this trip testing my knowledge, let my apply my basic first aid, and I even had to make doctors calls for sick people (Don’t tell the Australian court of law that one). If any nursing student is considering a volunteering trip, definitely consider Nepal. Even teaching the basic is so beneficial to the children in the school. Of course this trip is no holiday and it takes dedication, but it is definitely the hard days in the village which make it more rewarding and teach you to appreciate every little thing we have at home. I loved every moment in the village, even the sad moments. Som and Susan have created an awesome program and it is such an amazing experience to be a part of.”

– Chloe Goodall

“I am so grateful to have had to opportunity to experience the true, and often unexplored, side of Nepal with the Take on Nepal team. Getting the chance to live in Batase village, high in the mountains and overlooking the beautiful Himalayan mountain range, makes you appreciate every waking moment. Arriving at the local school everyday to a sea of smiling faces gives you the motivation to make an impact on the lives of these children, while they positively impact yours. While you may come into the program with a group of strangers, you will leave with a group of close friends who you share an unforgettable bond with. Take on Nepal provides a truly unique experience full of challenges and triumphs, which will stay with you forever. ”

– Christie Allen

“Take on Nepal July 2015 — 2 months after the destructive earthquake that destroyed so many lives, only 5 courageous volunteers took on Nepal. What a unique and memorable experience. The rich culture, diversity amongst the devastation, but most importantly the opportunity to contribute and help out where we were most needed. The 2 day trek to Batase village was physically enduring yet picturesque and enjoyable, a perfect opportunity to bond with fellow volunteers and staff.

“As we arrived in the village we were greeted by little happy, excited faces of the local children. It was a comforting sight to see that even after such a tragic event had affected so many places including this village, the human spirit triumphs and overcomes in such adversity. For the next 14 days we stayed in tents which made it more the experience. Living in the village in a humble and peaceful environment was energising and carefree; a great place to escape the norm of society back home.

“It’s difficult to say which are most memorable moments were. The trekking, the rice planting, the villages, the people, the food, the culture, helping out and teaching the children are all very memorable and unique experiences. A Shout out to my fellow volunteers for selflessly giving their time contributing to the village and special mention to the guides for going the extra mile making our time in the village more enjoyable.

“The team of Take on Nepal were very enthusiastic, supportive, and friendly and I could not ask for better staff. Overall my time in Batase village was a fulfilling and humbling experience. I highly recommend Take on Nepal to anyone who has an open mind, adventurist at heart and has the passion to help others. A special thanks to Som, his family and his team for unforgettable experience.”

– Robert Espinosa

“Taking part in Take on Nepal’s student volunteer program after the earthquake has been an experience of a lifetime…

“I only clicked into the ‘Take on Nepal’ page out of curiosity. This one click has enormously changed my life and now after two months of my fantastic volunteer trip in Nepal, I am so glad I made the right decision and that I was lucky enough to meet Som, Mane, Dinesh, Sujan and all the other great staff in the group who have made a lot of effort accompanying and looking after all the volunteers in a truly friendly and supportive manner. ”

Read more from Jasmine about her experiences here >>

– Jasmine Yu

“Taking part in the Take on Nepal program has definitely been a life changing experience. Staying in Batase Village provided a truly unique opportunity to see and experience Nepal as the locals do. Som and the guides exposed us to many aspects of Nepali village life which would not be accessible to many other travellers. Just waking up every morning to see the Himalayas was extremely breathtaking, not to mention the astonishing scenery of the many walks we were taken on. Everyone was extremely accommodating and friendly and I couldn’t have asked for anything more! The trip has definitely been one of the best experiences of my life and I love to come back to Nepal and Batase Village in the future!”

– Rachel Roberts

“In July 2014 I was part of the Take on Nepal team. It turned out to be one of the hugest experiences of my life. I absolutely loved so many aspects of it. Don’t do Take on Nepal if your wanting to lay around and drink cocktails (which you can do anywhere) but if you want to be challenged, learn a lot about yourself, and one of my favourite parts of my experience in Nepal — meet a lot of very kind, lovely and happy people — then this trip is for you. Take on Nepal gives you the opportunity to not only get to experience Kathmandu and its awesome shopping, temples, food, a super cute café called phat kat we often went to, and if you choose so the night life of Kathmandu (which we did and really enjoyed) We also got to get out of the city and experience the real Nepal. The trekking was definitely a challenging experience for me but also super rewarding for so many reasons, mostly for the most beautiful views I believe you could ever see and also when I looked back and saw how far we’d come. But the most challenging and rewarding aspect of all was of course, the teaching. It taught me to come out of my shell a lot more and gave me a lot more confidence in standing up in front of a group and talking. Never have I felt more appreciated then when we would send these children out for a break and they would hang around outside the door super keen to be let back in to continue learning. It was also fantastic to see how happy the people of Batase were without all the stuff we feel we need. It was good to get back to the basics and to gain a whole new appreciation for what I have. Memories of take on Nepal will stay with me forever, Nights sitting around the fire singing hey baby and resham phi de de (which is a song the locals taught us and I continue to sing to my baby niece who absolutely loves it). Also because of how much we were experiencing and learning together how close all of the people in the Take on Nepal team came. All in all so many beautiful people and so many amazing experiences I will never forget.”

– Shani Miller

“Take on Nepal has being one of the greatest experiences of my life and will be a trip that I will forever cherish. From the moment I stepped off the plane in Kathmandu the staff were accommodating and full of energy and enthusiasm. This energy was contagious and brought out the best in everyone, every moment of the trip. When things got tough the staff were always there to help encourage us and provide support (even going as far to carry injured volunteers)!! As we arrived in Batase village we were greeted by the contagiously happy hostel occupants who never failed to have a smile on their face. While teaching students in the village school I was challenged in a way I had never being before. As we shared our knowledge with the students, I found myself discovering more about myself and the incredible country that is Nepal. On top of the amazing people I met and interacted with, the views and scenery were simply breathtaking. There are truly no words to describe the beauty of this mountain life. The Take on Nepal program, headed by Som, will be an experience that will take you away from your average tourist tours and give you the authentic experience that every person wants to have. From the food, to trekking, to the cultural insight, Take On Nepal and it’s staff made helping those in need an amazing and satisfying experience, which has inspired me to do more and be more as a person. As Som always said “You can’t change Nepal, but Nepal will change you”.”

– Georgia Scott

“Travelling to Nepal trough the Take on Nepal trip has been an experience of a life time. This being my first overseas trip by myself, it seemed a little daunting, but every single moment I have felt completely looked after by the wonderful guides and people here. Although the trekking has been hard, I would do it all again. The staff are absolutely amazing offering support in every single way, they are always there for anything you ever need – emotional support, help and even a good laugh or two! Teaching in the village was also a massive challenge but such a rewarding and enjoyable part of the trip. Being able to contribute and help make a difference in Batase has been probably my favourite aspect from my time in Nepal. Each morning I looked forward to seeing such happy, smiling faces who were excited to learn. Apart from the beautiful people here, the scenery is absolutely spectacular. Waking up to the Himalayas every morning is not something I will forget, ever. Nepal is a country with such rich, beautiful culture and I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to experience Nepal through Take on Nepal. Because this trip has been so focused on giving the village kids an education, I feel that I have grown more as a person and I find myself more motivated to volunteer in the future. A truly beautiful, unique and incredible experience that I will cherish, and am looking forward to returning as soon as I can!”

– Mia Dunne

“Volunteering in Batase village through Take on Nepal has been a fantastic challenge. Teaching children who are genuinely passionate to learn is such a rewarding and humbling experience, and the team were there to help sort out any problems we had. Som and the guides were also able to give a unique insight into many aspects of village life, taking us to places that very few outsiders have witnessed, including the house where Som was raised (meeting his mother and father), and a water powered corn mill tucked into the side of a valley. It’s been an experience like no other and ultimately something that I will forever remember. I fully intend on coming back!”

– Ben Turner

“I’ve known that volunteering is something I’d like to be a part of for some time but many of the organisations I researched did not satisfy my criteria of priorities in allocation of funds. Take on Nepal had a very personal approach to organising volunteering with me, with private calls from the CEO making me feel very appreciated. Now that I’m here it is obvious how fantastic the results of this organisation’s work are; a large hostel has been built and houses 23 children and 3 teachers, with room for around 15 volunteers and another whole hostel in the process of being built. I feel very privileged to have been a part of this work and the inspiration and motivation has seeped into me; not only do I intend on coming back, but also to start a branch of the organisation in Adelaide and sell Nepali crafts at the local markets. This is only the beginning!

– Riley Hosking

“Take on Nepal has been a really good experience. The Take on Nepal team are very friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating. I have enjoyed learning about the Nepali culture and spending time with the shy but friendly people in Batase. I would recommend Take on Nepal to anyone who is interested in getting out of their comfort zone.”

– Madison Welch

“Take On Nepal has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. What stands out about this organisation is the authenticity of the experience – you are interacting with locals and experiencing real Nepalese culture on a daily basis, which is so much richer than a superficial touristic perspective. You see first hand the difference you make in Batase Village, and from the contagious smiles of the children to the gratitude of the teachers, you realise that what seems like little contributions on your part is making a real difference to the school and community. But “Take On Nepal” is so much more than a volunteer mission – during the leisure time you spend with the children, through interactions with the porters and guides, and by immersing yourself in Nepali culture, you will find that Nepal changes you for the better. So come with an open mind – as Som says, “Don’t expect to change Nepal, and Nepal will change you!””

– Rachel Butler

“Because of Take on Nepal and the wonderful staff, I have found a place that will forever hold a very special place in my heart! Experiencing the real Nepal in Batase village is something that you will never forget, offering authentic experiences which have left me with memories and connections with the mountains, the culture and the Nepali people for the rest of my life. Nepal has made me feel at home in a world different from our own through love, beauty, peace and a sense of family and community. Being able to exchange knowledge and skills by volunteering is a learning experience for everyone involved. I have learnt so much from this experience as well as teaching! I am very grateful and thankful for a truly unique experience, education is empowerment! Cannot wait to return again & again!”

– Chloe Hearn

“Everyday we faced new challenges which demonstrated that with the determination and desire to follow through, we are capable of reaching the top of mountains. We came to Nepal without any knowledge of each other, but we embraced our differences and used our talents to motivate accomplishment in the lives of the children in Batase village. I am so glad I went and I desire to return there in the future! This awesome experience will be with me throughout my life!”

– Declan

“Take on Nepal has offered an experience that I will never forget. Experiencing Kathmandu was a blast and the trek to the village from there, while challenging at times, gave a wonderful feeling of accomplishment. The beautiful landscape and culture is something you need to be here to experience. Ultimately, this has been a fantastic program for my first time travelling overseas and one day I am sure to come back.”

– Khyara-Shaye Serio

“During the July holidays 2014, I was fortunate enough to visit a new world. I ventured to Nepal, a small but amazing country with so much potential. There I encountered many people and many challenges. Throughout the trip I befriended several Nepali boys and girls to which I owe an amazing trip to. From the spectacular sites in the Himalayas, to the hard work taken on by teaching underprivileged children and constructing water tanks, my trip was a great success and one that I endeavour to take on again with more enthusiasm, passion and dedication. This trip to Batase village in the mountains changed my life, and I will never forget the friends that I encountered or the life changing experiences that I gained. Take On Nepal for real!”

– Riccardo Valenza

“Through Take on Nepal, I was enmeshed into a culture of peace, happiness and compassion, where I found my long lost soul that had been lost in a Western world. Being in Batase village has allowed me to find peace after a long and stressful year. I have developed many life skills that will be forever useful. Teaching at a rural village school opened my eyes to the disparities that exist among these people, however, that does not dampen their contagious smile. Bringing our knowledge and literacy skills has been valuable to the children of Batase school. This wonderful experience as my first time abroad has planted the seed to travel the world! I would recommend this program to those seeking a true Nepali cultural experience.”

– Demi Butler

“Volunteering in Nepal is something I’ve always wanted to do, to immerse myself in a culture and lifestyle worlds apart from my own. Take on Nepal has made this possible in a way far beyond what I have ever dreamed. It provides a truly authentic village experience from which you are surrounded by the most beautiful people and scenery imaginable. From trekking, to teaching in the school, to listening to the kids sing around the fire at night, every moment has provided me with precious lifelong memories.”

– Maia Coghlan

“I took part in the November 2014 Take on Nepal tour. It was the perfect first trip overseas, with amazing supportive group members and tour guides. It was a wonderful all around and rewarding experience. Through Take on Nepal you get to explore both the big cities and the small rural villages of Nepal, giving you the ultimate cultural experience. It has provided me with lifelong memories that I will never forget and it is an experience that I would recommend to everyone!”

– Felicia Hyde

“Take on Nepal was the perfect first overseas adventure for me. I experienced the best of both worlds with a beautiful village stay in Batase as well as being able to see other parts of Nepal such as Kathmandu and Chitwan. The whole trip was full of adventure with hiking, bonfires, elephant safaris, shopping, and perhaps the most memorable – 15 or so of us crammed into the back of a ute being driven up the mountain! All of these memories are filled with lots of laughter and support by the great group of people and guides I share them with. We had a great amount of freedom but at the same time everything was organised for us, making it a stress free trip. I will definitely be back! ”

– Lauren Dakhini Withers

“My recent trip to Nepal with Som Tamang & the Team from Take On Nepal was everything I dreamed of & more. The guides, the people, culture, food, mountains & remote villages of Nepal offer an experience you will never forget. Volunteering at the school at Batase was so rewarding & I already plan to come back next year & do some trekking with Take On Nepal in the Everest Region! Thankyou Take On Nepal, 5 Stars!!! ”

– Matthew Lawler

“I would highly recommend my experience in Batase village to anyone who enjoys travelling and immersing themselves in foreign cultures. The people in Batase are the friendliest people I have met, and were so welcoming, it was a pleasure to spend time in the village learning and helping out. I had an amazing time in the village and would love to go back and do it all again.”

– Ian Fraser

“Given the opportunity to visit the isolated village of Batase was definitely an adventure of a lifetime. Immersing in such a diverse and wonderful culture and seeing how they went about their daily lives is something I am certainly never going to forget. It was a real eye opener and great to see how much FHC has benefited this incredible community.”

– Emily Clayton

“So much happiness surrounds you in the village that you appreciate the small things in your life that you normally take for granted. I have been twice and plan to visit again in 2015. Nepal has so much to offer, physically and spiritually.”

– Jude Henwood

“Spending time in Nepal with Som and his business was by far one of my most enjoyable and rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. The trip was filled with breath taking scenery, eye opening experiences, and provided a chance to make a difference. I credit a lot of my onward success to this life-changing trip and cannot recommend this experience enough.”

– Peter Hodgson

“I first visited Batase in early 2011 and have since returned on three separate occasions and will visit again. The people are largely Buddhist and are kind, compassionate and welcoming. They enjoy meeting the volunteers who visit and appreciate any help that is given. Staying in Batase was truly a fantastic experience. It is real village life and is the complete opposite to what I was use to in Australia. For anyone looking to experience a different culture and true village life then Batase Village is for you.”

– Russell Bradshaw

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