Safety Information for all of our Nepal Trips

  • Travelling with Take on Nepal means a safe and meaningful experience.
  • Our program is paced to allow for best possible acclimatisation.
  • Our trek leaders are trained in First Aid.
  • Western Leader is police checked.
  • Our trained staff and cook provide hygienic as well as fresh, nutritious meals.
  • The village has a 3 way access road and in the case of an emergency, you will be transported by the most appropriate form of transportation to Kathmandu.
  • The closest pharmacy and health post is a 2 hour walk from the village and a 30 minute motorbike/4WD trip away from the village.
  • Village water is pure and clean, it comes from a high mountain stream. We boil the water every day to ensure absolute safety.
  • The village is equipped with a first aid kit (we recommend that you also carry your own basic first aid supplies), your group leader is first aid trained.
  • Your group leader is contactable 24 hours a day, your family in Australia can call the group leader directly at any time to talk to you. You will be provided with relevant telephone numbers prior to your departure from Australia.
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