Long Term Volunteering in Batase Village with Take on Nepal


Our founder is from Batase Village and he is committed to improving the lives of the people that he grew up with, Som understands the importance of an education and has seen the changes that volunteers are bringing to the village school.

Take On Nepal is committed to supporting volunteers who choose to stay for a long period of time. The longer a volunteer stays in the village, the better the local people can get to know them. It provides a great opportunities for the village children and for the volunteers alike.

We encourage qualified teachers, health professionals and individuals with valuable skills that will benefit the villagers to consider a long term placement in Batase Village.

The longer a volunteer decides to stay, the better the local people can get to know them. When volunteers live somewhere for a long period of time, they become a real part of the community. Their closeness to and involvement in the lives of the villagers cause lasting friendships to form.

For the first 2 weeks you will join the Batase Village Volunteer Program at a standard cost of $990.

Weeks 3-6     $99 per week

Week 7-12     $45 per week

week 13-16     $30 per week


The Batase Village Volunteer Program departs from Kathmandu on a monthly basis.

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