Batase Village — Destination of our 2014 Groups

  • Lunch in Batase

    Lunch time for the village school children.

  • Batase Village House

    Typical village house on the outskirts of Batase.

  • New village buildings

    Some of the newer, communal buildings in the village.

  • Himalayas

    The view of the Himalayas on the way to the village.

The People of Batase Village — Young and Old

  • Old man

    One of the village men posing for a photo.

  • Children tending goats

    Children tending to the goats after school.

  • Young mother and her child

    A young mother and her new born child.

  • Nepalese girls

    Two village girls enjoying the fresh water.

Visitors in the Village Helping in Various Ways

  • Group of volunteers

    Group of young Australian visitors from 2012.

  • Doctor addresses village

    A visiting doctor addressing the villagers in 2013.

  • Visitors

    Visitors meeting with village elders.

  • Teacher

    Volunteer teaching in the local school.

Local Flora & Fauna — Huge Range and Diversity

  • Red flower

    Local flower common around the village.

  • Insect

    One of many different insects you'll find in the village.

  • Fruit on tree

    Fruit growing on a nearby tree.

  • Plant life

    The surrounding area hosts an abundance of plant life.