Batase Village — Destination of our 2014 Groups

Lunch time for the village school children.

Typical village house on the outskirts of Batase.

Some of the newer, communal buildings in the village.

The view of the Himalayas on the way to the village.

The People of Batase Village — Young and Old

One of the village men posing for a photo.

Children tending to the goats after school.

A young mother and her new born child.

Two village girls enjoying the fresh water.

Visitors in the Village Helping in Various Ways

Group of young Australian visitors from 2012.

A visiting doctor addressing the villagers in 2013.

Visitors meeting with village elders.

Volunteer teaching in the local school.

Local Flora & Fauna — Huge Range and Diversity

Local flower common around the village.

One of many different insects you’ll find in the village.

Fruit growing on a nearby tree.

The surrounding area hosts an abundance of plant life.

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